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Work Groups

All work groups are meeting virtually via Zoom. 


Employment & Education Work Group

Result Statement: 

Returning citizens will find and retain jobs with adequate pay and benefits.

Current Strategies:

  1. Create an official MCRC Employment Toolkit

  2. Create and maintain the Preferred Employer List Google document

Housing Work Group

Result Statement: 

People in Marion County with justice involvement have safe, affordable housing.

Current Strategies:

  1. Develop a system for people with a history of incarceration to receive housing vouchers

  2. Develop a system for developers who provide affordable housing that is accessible for people who have been engaged in the criminal justice system, to receive tax benefits (PILOT.)

  3. Work with the City of Indianapolis to develop affordable housing criteria/required tenant selection plans for housing developers who receive incentives/tax benefits from the city.

  4. Increase the number of Second Chance landlords.


Policy Work Group

Result Statement: 

Public policy supports the opportunity for people who have had justice involvement to be successful.

Current Strategies:

  1. Prioritize bills to support/oppose each state legislative session and work with policy partners on a coordinated approach

  2. Conduct a legislative training for MCRC members and individuals impacted by the justice system and develop a rapid response advocacy network

  3. Collaborate with the MCRC work groups to address policy issues related to their strategies

Services Work Group

Result Statement: 

Returning citizens receive Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) aligned assessment, case planning, and care coordination that aligns with the MCRC’s Re-entry Approach.

Current Strategies:

  1. Increase pre-release services/program opportunities in the new Adult Detention Center (ADC) to include the re-entry space


System Redesign Work Group

Result Statement: 

Returning citizens are well prepared for successful re-entry upon release from incarceration or supervision.

Current Strategies:

  1. Address barriers to successful completion of community supervision

  2. Increase education and training of criminal justice actors and community members

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