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Re-entry ECHO Recordings

The brief presentations given during ECHOs are recorded and live here so we can watch and reflect. The case presentation portion is not recorded to protect privacy.

July 2023

HUD's Continuum of Care Housing Programs: Eligibility & Processes

This month we were joined by Leslie Kelly of Horizon House and Danielle Bagg-Wireman of the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention to co-present. 

June 2023

Spiritual Injury in Criminal Justice Populations

This month we were joined by John Cocco of the MCRC for his presentation on trauma and spiritual injury in reentry. 

April 2023

Medicaid Unwinding

This month we were joined by Adam Mueller from the Indiana Justice Project to talk about the changes to Medicaid effects on reentry.

March 2023

Expungement Process

This month we were joined by Julie Mennel from the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic to talk about the new expungement process map and expungement resources.

February 2023

2023 Legislative Update 

This month we were joined by Kate Guerrero from the Policy Work Group to give an update on the 2023 Legislative Session.
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