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MCRC Re-entry Resource List

An offshoot MCRC Task Force (Network and Referral Hub, now defunct) created a resource repository in late 2020 to support successful re-entry during the Covid-19 pandemic by documenting re-entry service providers’ organizational changes as they occurred.


Because of the success and positive reviews, this initiative has been expanded to allow MCRC members the opportunity to update their own organization’s information in real-time. This resource will now be available on an ongoing basis and will not be limited to the COVID-19 pandemic. Any organizational changes that occur can be documented here by active members and made available to the re-entry community. The intention is for the active MCRC membership to take ownership of this resource and update it as often as necessary. By making this resource available to the general public, we take one more step toward accomplishing the MCRC’s goal that all adults in Marion County involved in the justice system are successfully integrated into the community.

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