What MCRC is Doing Now

Here's the major events that are happening with MCRC this month. Don't forget to follow the links for a deeper look.

MCRC's 2020 Annual Review 

The 2020 Annual Report is the quick and easy overview of all the important, impactful, and interesting tings MCRC was able to accomplish last year. As always, we're very proud of our accomplishments and the progress we've made on ensuring that all adults in Marion County involved in the justice system are successfully integrated into the community.

MCRC Reentry Conference Webinar Series

Our next MCRC Reentry Webinar Series Entry will be in August and will focus on self care. Self-Care is an important topic as we all learned during the previous year's unique stresses and difficulties. 

9am, Aug. 31, 2021

August's MCRC Reentry ECHO Didactic will be an educational and informative presentation on Traumatic Brain Injuries by Wendy Waldman (RHI) and Rhiannon Edaards (PACE). 

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