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ECHOs (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) are a learning module originally built by Dr. Sanjeev Arora in 2003 in response to a lack of accessible trained Hepatitis C care providers in New Mexico. 

These days, Project ECHO is a revolutionary learning model that allows people in all trades (not just healthcare), to meet and exchange practical knowledge and expertise. This exchange is facilitated by the structure of the ECHO, the hub-and-spoke model.

In this model, the hub contains individuals with expertise in the ECHO's topic area, and the spokes are the 'learners'. However, this is not a lecture! ECHOs are 'all-teach, all-learn', and spokes will be encouraged to ask clarifying questions and provide solutions during the case presentation.


ECHOs are structured in two main parts, the didactic and the case presentation. The didactic is a lecture style presentation on resources, information, or agencies within Marion County. This allows for an increase in the related knowledge base among reentry providers. The case presentation takes a real-life situation and allows for input and resource sharing with the real life resources and complications that happen when actually working with clients. (Don't worry, we strip all personally identifying information from the case before we present it!)

MCRC is pleased to announce that it will be offering monthly Reentry ECHO offerings to highlight the information, resources, and trainings available in Marion County. ECHOs will take place durin the last Tuesday of the month. If you are interested in joining the MCRC Reentry ECHO, contact us to join the invite list. You can also review older ECHOs from MCRC here.

MCRC Reentry ECHO - Upcoming Sessions


Didactics for Upcoming Sessions​

  • August 24th - Traumatic Brain Injuries by Wendy Waldman (RHI) and Rhiannon Edwards (PACE)

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